Discussing Oliver Rist of PcMag.com

Oliver Rist brings us the latest rant on Leopard not being as rock-solid as Tiger. His informative article *cough* starts like this:

I’m not sure what ticks me off more about Leoptard (I can’t take credit for that nickname—some Brit coined it): the fact that so many of the semi-important changes don’t work, the fact that Apple turned a stable OS into a crash-happy glitz fest, or that the annoying, scruffy Live Free or Die Hard actor infecting my TV (and our Web site, by the way) is pretending that Leopard is better than Vista.

Lesson 1: Any article that starts with a sentence like that is not journalism. I thought better of pcmag.com! Well not anymore. Between that and the sidebar enty “Why social networking stinks” pcmag just lost a lot of credit in my book. No thanks Oliver Ristard.

Thanks to the Donationcoder thread (yeah I am the user justice, I’m not ripping off other people’s posts)

November 30, 2007 at 12:28 PM in Technology