[Plugin: WP List Files] Fix: links don’t work when blog not installed in root of site

wp-list-filesUpdate: This plugin is no longer available.

We’re using a customized version of WordPress as an electronic portfolio for students and we are using WP List Files to make documents available on the ePortfolio. Unfortunately the WordPress support forums seem to hide my topic (possibly because it’s an older version) and the author is no longer supporting the plugin.

Due to time constraints, these plugins are no longer supported and will not be updated, ever! Unless you know what you’re doing, I strongly discourage using these on a production blog since they have not been tested since WordPress 2.5.

The plugin didn’t work in version 2.0.3 that we are using because the wp_enqueue_script function does not exist in this version  (the codex page does not say when this function was added). Anyway after manually adding the JavaScript to the theme’s head element the plugin almost worked fine – links didn’t take our folder structure into account.

joeblogs.com</dir specified in post or page>

doesn’t work:
allblogs.com/blogs/joebloggs</dir specified in post of page>

Fix it by replacing line 231 to read:

$files .= ‘

  • wpurl’).$item[‘link’].'”>’.$itemName.”.


The hyperlink created for the item didn’t have the complete blog URL in it. It assumed the blog was installed in the root of the domain. After this fix the plugin works fine.

June 26, 2009 at 9:00 AM in WordPress

Amasan’s WordPress Tweak Roundup

Made few tweaks to improve the blog in preperation for several drafts I’m currently working on. Here’s a quick rundown for everyone that’s interested in the wordpress blog platform.

  • Related Posts should show up to 5 related posts without too many false positives on single article pages. I like how this plugin scores posts on relativity and that I can set it to show nothing when no posts are related, which keeps the interface clutter to a minimum.
  • A single easy recognisable block of Google Adsense adverts has been added to single articles. You won’t see it if you have Adblock Plus installed like myself, but it should give helpful suggestions on articles with a single subject and support hosting costs in the process.
  • Template tweak: Moved post-meta-information from under the title to the footer (tag/cat info) so that the header is better connected with the body of the post. There’s enough clutter on other sites.
  • I’ve visually combined  categories and tags underneath articles. Category are used for url purposes and tags  to facilitate cross linking of subjects. No need for two lists.
  • I added a tagcloud to the site so you can browse the site and discover some other articles. I don’t think browsing by time and month is useful to many people so that’s been removed from the site. The only concern I have at the moment is that the cloud would grow to too big a list, so in the future I might just show the top 7 tags used. For now that’s not a problem.
  • PHP Speedy. This is the most important reason why the site is so snippy.

There’s more but I’ll save them for another time.

June 22, 2009 at 10:01 AM in Development

WordPress for iPhone Impressions

I’m currently testing the WordPress iPhone app (WfI). It’s great for a free app! However I noticed a few things that need to be polished:

  • It didn’t retrieve the blogs categories from my blog and the category I added to this post wasn’t saved.
  • The interface is a bit slow on the frontpage when clicking an option it doesn’t turn blue immediately
  • There’s currently (18th June 2009) no way to edit the blog’s details after setting up, or ability to remove it that I have found. I changed my user’s password but I cannot change it in WfI! An Edit button on the blog selection screen would definately help in this case. I’ll have to remove the application and redownload it – maybe that helps.

Still it’s a great way to do some writing while not at a desktop and I appreciate the offline mode for iPod Touch users.

June 18, 2009 at 9:20 AM in iOS, WordPress