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test a single checkbox < install testing framework < install api mocking framekwork < require composer < overhaul a mono repository and dev setup

If there was a plan B we would have heard about it by now. It’s no surprise that the government cannot be honest about it.

New day new problem. Bluetooth Magic Keyboard is no longer recognised.

Every time I restart my Mac it won’t recognise the external ssd boot partition. Ugh

This is why I registered which redirects to the subscription screen on any Apple device.

Bottle Cap Blues on Vimeo

So that I may never forget where to find this video.

Procedural Art with Unity3D

Shahriyar Shahrabi:

In the past few days, I have been experimenting with creating patterns using the particle system in Unity Engine. Here are some of the examples of the shapes I came up with.

Amazing shapes and wallpapers.

Updating Known

1 min read

I wrote a quick and dirty script that sits in the parent directory of my Known site. I'm using the following directory structure:


The offical Known git repository is checked out in known/. The config.ini and Uploads folder have been moved to the folder to sit alongside it.

The contents of the script are as follows:

rm -rf old
cp -R known old
cd known
git pull
cd ..
ln -sf `pwd`/config.ini `pwd`/known/config.ini
ln -sf `pwd`/Uploads `pwd`/known/Uploads

It's not elegant but it makes updating to the latest Known changes pretty seamless.

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