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Create an Avatar Specific Communication Channel

Sometimes you will want to create a listener that will not interfere with any other avatar using the same object near you. The basic solution of detecting the owner creates a lot of overhead, therefore a better solution is to have individual channels.

Thanks to Winter Seale, on the SecondLife scripters mailing list:

use an avatar specific
channel. To do that I would define a function:

integer get_channel(key avatar, integer offset){
 return (integer)("0x"+llGetSubString((string)llGetOwnerKey(),-8,-1))
 + offset

Then in your script, use:

 llSay( get_channel( llDetectedKey(number), -1234 ), (string)llDetectedKey(number) );
 llListen( get_channel( llGetOwner(), -1234 ), "", "", "");

* The reason this is better is that it keeps only one script (the
avatar’s) listening on this channel. Without this, a script for every
person with a HUD would have to execute code every time your in world
object was touched.