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I’m providing my two factor authentication code to log into my password manager to provide the password into my social network account which asks me to provide a two factor authentication code, just to view an image. #winning

It is 2017 and we’re still asking for 10 character alphanumeric passwords?

Embedding a video by pasting the URL into a WordPress post means the whole video loads (33mb!) on pageload! Great videos, bad service.

Fix iPhone lightning port disconnection issues by cleaning out the port with a tooth pick. If the inside isn’t white then it’s not clean.

Get about thirty percent more battery life and preserve your mobile data plan by deleting Google Hangouts from your iOS device.

@manton on iOS I can only post after attaching my WordPress blog even though I have a micro blog via Kickstarter?

WordPress blogging from my service! Yes.

iOS still needs so much work. 🙁

Playing my purchased digital music across my devices is still harder than it ought to be in 2017.

It turns out an iPad might not charge using an extension lead but will when plugged directly into a wall socket.