What it does
I made a small AHK script I thought you might want to use: AltTab Fingertips. Press a configurable hotkey (F10 by default), and get a menu at the mouse with all the current windows on it. You can exclude processes using the tray menu.

Many thanks to ak_ for creating “menu at cursor” idea with FileDraft, which inspired this. It’s like alt-tab but quicker. A lot of code comes from my PutAside script.

Small screencast:

v1.3 – Recompile, shiny new icon, INI in the same folder as the script for portability!
v1.2 – startup message is now only shown once. Added “show desktop|restore programs” option to menu, (windows-d)
v1.1 – allows to exclude processes via system tray menu.

Download the latest version

Comments are welcome either here or on the related Donationcoder thread.

January 14, 2008 at 3:44 PM in AltTabFingerTips