Create an Avatar Specific Communication Channel

Sometimes you will want to create a listener that will not interfere with any other avatar using the same object near you. The basic solution of detecting the owner creates a lot of overhead, therefore a better solution is to have individual channels.

Thanks to Winter Seale, on the SecondLife scripters mailing list:

use an avatar specific
channel. To do that I would define a function:

integer get_channel(key avatar, integer offset){
 return (integer)("0x"+llGetSubString((string)llGetOwnerKey(),-8,-1))
 + offset

Then in your script, use:

 llSay( get_channel( llDetectedKey(number), -1234 ), (string)llDetectedKey(number) );
 llListen( get_channel( llGetOwner(), -1234 ), "", "", "");

* The reason this is better is that it keeps only one script (the
avatar’s) listening on this channel. Without this, a script for every
person with a HUD would have to execute code every time your in world
object was touched.

April 5, 2011 at 10:27 AM in Second Life

Tracklist @ Drome

Breaks Friday with Cloudseer @ the Drome! It’s my new spot: 3pm-5pm PST! Start off your weekend with the best breaks mixed by live DJ Cloudseer Writer, with a little bit electro thrown in! Bring all your friends to the Drome 😀

It was good, managed to cram in a lot of breaks in two hours!

# Title Artist
1 Rattle Ya Cage General MIDI
2 Bone Snow HELL, Sam
3 No Rockstars (Bass Kleph Remix) Hyper
4 Loving You (Atomic Hooligan Remix) – Ils Ils
5 Soul Of Man – Foxy Moron Drummatic Twins
6 Rusko v.s. the 80s Crendore
7 Jahova Rusko
8 Shake It Up (Hook n Sling Remix) Stanton Warriors
9 Slyde – Vibrate To This (Dt’s Re-Edit) Drummatic Twins
10 Tell Me How You Feel (Kid Kenobi vs Rogue Element Remix) Krafty Kuts
11 Pop Ya Cork Stanton Warriors
12 Message 2 Love (Alex Metric remix) Sharam Jey
13 Plump Djs – Black Jack Drummatic Twins
14 Everybody Get Up (Circuit Breaker Remix) – Transformer Man Transformer Man
15 Cockney Thug Rusko
16 Good To Go General MIDI
17 Undertow feat. Patrick Scott – Oracle’s Man Overboard Mix Summer Channel
18 Control (original mix) AUDIO DEALERS
19 Rock This Place General MIDI
20 Drummatic Twins – Feelin Kinda Strange (Bass Kleph & Nick Thayer Remix) Drummatic Twins
21 Shredder Far Too Loud
22 Da Virus Various Artists – XL Recordings
23 Pop Ya Cork Stanton Warriors
24 Turn It Loud General MIDI

February 2, 2008 at 1:58 AM in Music, Second Life

Purple Rain DJ Event Flyer

As you can see below I created a flyer/poster for an event in Second Life. For those who don’t know, Second life is a virtual world created entirely by its users. Anyone can create an account and log on to build things, meet people for a chat, or dance in a club for example. Or fight in a Star Wars battle as a wookie. Or watch a movie in a cinema. Yep if you can think of it, you can probably do it.

Anyway, on friday night between 1-3pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) I have a DJ set in a nightclub called Purple Rain. I play some trip-hop, electro to a small crowd for a few hours. The club has decided to organize a DJ Talent contest and asked me to create a promotional poster. As there was a lot of information to put on and no photos so I decided to play around with positioning, grouping and lighting of text. The result is below. I think it turned out well.

Purple Rain DJ Event Flyer

How do you promote your SL event?

Update: I do not play at Purple Rain anymore. Find me “Cloudseer Writer” online in Second Life.

July 19, 2007 at 8:26 PM in Second Life