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Category: Status

When you keep muting / unmuting on video calls and realise it’s your belly is pressing the space bar 😬

Trump has always been about exploiting the social share. To play both sides so people can share their validated view out of context, ultimately causing extremism. Social Media needs to take responsibility.

Beatport Pro I think is still being retired on November 16. If a usable API is available I might have to build an alternative interface. I need preview history and BPM sorting.

Turns out the ASUS router firmware update check does not update to the most recent firmware!

To replace a non-breaking space with a regular one (cause of non-functional Markdown headers), create a new BetterTouchTool trigger in the Keyboard Shortcut section and replace alt-space with space.

When you’re getting stale NFS file handle errors when using Docker, give /sbin/nfsd full disk access permissions on macOS or move your projects out of the sandboxed folder (I use ~/dev).