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Senior WordPress platform developer. Open web / Music. DJ (under @CloudseerDJ). Tall Dutch guy.

I've just signed up for Zapier and Mailchimp to create a weekly email of an RSS feed containing any interesting articles I find. Hopefully that will both improve my Friday and stop the urge to share every interesting link.

Open your mind

1 min read

Interesting article about developing your passion and keeping and open mindset.

The belief that interests arrive fully formed and must simply be “found” can lead people to limit their pursuit of new fields and give up when they encounter challenges, according to a new Stanford study.

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1 min read

[caption id="attachment_2699" align="alignnone" width="245"]A perfect illustration for Brexit A perfect illustration for Brexit[/caption]


The Death Of Stalin

1 min read

Can't wait to see this film!

Vladimir Trump

1 min read

Watching Trump’s presser, I had a feeling I’d seen it all before?—?while covering Vladimir Putin’s annual news conferences.

Source: A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media – Medium

Life on Earth is Dying

1 min read

I would quote part of this article but you should just click the title and read all of it.

Rob Gruhl - How to Buy a New Car

1 min read

From 2007, but a great video full of advice, and a fantastic example of pechakucha 20x20 presentation style.