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Senior Web Engineer. Open web / music. Remote DJ. Tall Dutch guy. #3million


What do the macOS menu bar, a clever css filter I came across today, and a great iOS accessibility feature have in common? Grayscale makes for a quiet user experience.


Just got an upgrade prompt for Reeder 4. What an app, it’s my favourite RSS reader. Much improved and I love how I can unsubscribe now and reorganise my feeds. Everyone make sure your feeds aren’t breaking!


When business talks about accessibility, they talk about a legal issue. Developers talk about accessibility as a usability issue. This hurts users! Please raise it as universal usability.


Can’t believe the firewall is still off by default in 2019!


Outlanders is a fun game but it reminds me that I like the free form mode of settlers best.


Keeping the task summary updated and clear when the acceptance criteria evolve and comments are added helps everyone work efficiently.


Is tool-layering the main threat to approachable web development?


I understand why macOS Safari wants to sandbox browser extensions but please add a search option for safari extension instead of a 30 page list… @instapaper do you have a safari extension?


The magic of the web is that it’s a multiverse. When build progressively, information and services are usable even though certain technologies, such as autoplay and JavaScript, are disabled. My phone battery thanks all considerate developers!


The replacement battery for my iPhone 6s lasts around 33% as long as the original before it also now shuts down due to peak capacity problems.