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Open web developer. Publishing / Music. DJ (under @CloudseerDJ). Tall Dutch guy.

Writing a python script < reinstall pipenv < pyenv install new python < install Xcode commandline tools. This is easily fixed: let us specify a login background in the preferences.

test a single checkbox < install testing framework < install api mocking framekwork < require composer < overhaul a mono repository and dev setup

If there was a plan B we would have heard about it by now. It’s no surprise that the government cannot be honest about it.

New day new problem. Bluetooth Magic Keyboard is no longer recognised.

Every time I restart my Mac it won’t recognise the external ssd boot partition. Ugh

This is why I registered which redirects to the subscription screen on any Apple device.

All my interesting links will be posted to first before shared to social media and pocket. Own your content!

May will stick to Brexit 'principles' in cross-party talks, says No 10. aka Let's have a talk to come to an agreement, but I'm not going to change my mind.