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Senior WordPress platform developer. Open web / Music. DJ (under @CloudseerDJ). Tall Dutch guy.

Where is the tin-foil-hat emoji?

I think I finally figured out how to use Apple News: subscribe to topics; unsubscribe from all publications. I use an RSS reader to follow sites.

The subjective safety of a place is expressed well by its reaction to people loitering.

Keyboard lag in SecondLife was caused by Popclip. Zapp!

Safari Web Content's high CPU usage was caused the Pocket extension.. Maybe downloading articles in the background? Zapp!

Short form content promotes more of an emotional response, long form content a nuanced response. People should write more long form content, so I will try to blog more going forward.

Currently reading "Rapid Development" by Steve McConnell.

Password reset forms where paste is disabled. Trying to keep the hackers in ye?

Still thinking about how to solve the “posting a digest of interesting links today” problem.. In the meantime I'll post them on my website, not showing on the homepage but under

Opinion pieces used to be more insightful than the news. Now they’re just more ridiculous. Research the subject instead, you will be better informed than the people writing these articles.