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Firefox now blocks third party cookies by default.


made me a more productive web developer.


I wish would add decent import / export options so I could switch to it with confidence, as their writing experience really is top notch.


Trying an Ubuntu 18.04 setup with XFCE, plank, albert, Ubuntu fonts and unsplash.


We're in 2019 and browsers and web systems still lose form content due to session timeouts (despite a session extension popup). Seriously wasted an hour.


It turns out if you enable the otherwise amazing Gnome Tweaks " Keyboard & Mouse > Pointer Location" setting then all your keyboard shortcuts using CTRL require doubling up, took me a week to figure that one out! on the desktop.


If you had to build a website to last 50 years what tech would you use?


I've updated my upgrade script with the composer based installation method.


For people who don’t understand UK Brexit, imho It’s all just about benefitting from a once in a lifetime realignment of how a nation is structured. Which explains the blinkers in use by some people in power. It isn’t going to result in a fairer society.


I’ve switched all my personal experiments to Chassis this morning. I like the concept of plugins on a local dev setup.