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DarwinMailApp gives us all a lesson in customer service in this thread: His tone is exactly right, and encourages more follow-ups as a result. Well done!

Without documentation the feature might as well not exist. I should get better at that.

Amazing opportunity for ddossing a website through malicious shared js libraries by setting ping attributes pointing to the ddos target across millions of websites.

I'm migrating from Apple Notes to Evernote as the Apple Notes export is lacking and Evernote has a more open ecosystem. For this I created a migration AppleScript

TIL (thanks Ali) the escape functions finish up by applying a filter to the safe output, making them unsafe again.

I've updated my notetaking tool reference with my current recommendation: Dropbox Paper

Sublime Text is the best scratchpad editor: with it restoring unsaved tabs across sessions.

When writing a script that invokes git stash, make sure the script is committed before running it, if it's in the same repository ;-)

It's wasteful to load all the site's css and javascript if the visitor only comes to visit one page.

Daily crossword puzzle but with the puzzle replaced with denying a consent dialogue.