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I’ve wondered for years why and don’t supply an update service for applications to hook into to keep themselves updated. I guess it’s a lot more complex than building an updater.

So seems to have removed the Preferences > Sidebar > Additional Options > Show the Quick Switcher setting. Problem is I must have accidentally enabled this before it was removed and now I can't get rid of it?

ACF field groups with the same option position can be ordered by setting a key value. Key values starting with underscores are shown first. Field groups without keys are displayed inconsistently depending on the user role.

Where is the tin-foil-hat emoji?

I think I finally figured out how to use Apple News: subscribe to topics; unsubscribe from all publications. I use an RSS reader to follow sites.

The subjective safety of a place is expressed well by its reaction to people loitering.

Keyboard lag in SecondLife was caused by Popclip. Zapp!

Safari Web Content's high CPU usage was caused the Pocket extension.. Maybe downloading articles in the background? Zapp!

Short form content promotes more of an emotional response, long form content a nuanced response. People should write more long form content, so I will try to blog more going forward.

Currently reading "Rapid Development" by Steve McConnell.