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Does social media contribute to a more isolated society? :
>“Calling someone is a bit daunting,” said one 18-year-old respondent in a survey on phone habits conducted by Ofcom. “It’s much easier and quicker to WhatsApp my friends. If I have to call a company, I’ll always try to use webchat if it’s available.”

Take note PES, via The Guardian:
>some players not only get their wages covered in full by the club they are joining but also receive a substantial sum on top.

It’s nearly 2019. Coca Cola and other soft drink have showed us how to make a can that opens easily. Get with it tinned vegetables!

A locally running browser integrated notetaking app with cloud storage syncing, instant search and markdown / file upload support you say?

Shoutout to Apple Maps. It’s got a lot smarter about rerouting during the last few months!

Things I learn: APFS encryption is not FileVault. The former asks for a password at a time when the iMac doesn’t recognise the Bluetooth keyboard!

Today I put together a service management cli application together with templating using the click and jinja2 packages. Python ftw.

Protip: It turns out logrotate configuration files that are just using the rotate option do not delete older log files, only the logfile that is rotated out. This distinction matters when the rotate option is reduced and older log files are left around.