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Senior Web Engineer. Open web / music. Remote DJ. Tall Dutch guy. #3million


I’ve switched all my personal experiments to Chassis this morning. I like the concept of plugins on a local dev setup.


ACF field groups with the same option position can be ordered by setting a key value. Key values starting with underscores are shown first. Field groups without keys are displayed inconsistently depending on the user role.


TIL (thanks Ali) the escape functions finish up by applying a filter to the safe output, making them unsafe again.


The WordPress community is very excited about raising the minimum PHP version to one that's longer supported. ;-)


Embedding a video by pasting the URL into a WordPress post means the whole video loads (33mb!) on pageload! Great videos, bad service.<p>#status </p>


@manton on iOS I can only post after attaching my WordPress blog even though I have a micro blog via Kickstarter?<p>#status </p>


WordPress blogging from my service! Yes.<p>#status </p>


I'm really impressed with the @WordPress theme customisation UI from within the product.<p>#status </p>


<a href="">Character Countdown</a> is a handy WordPress plugin if you want to post status updates from your site to Twitter.<p>#status </p>


The more I think about modern blogging; the more I think the out of the box concept WordPress et al presents us is outdated.<p>#status </p>