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Notetaking Tools

I'm always looking for a cross platform good value note taking solution.

I currently use Joplin.


I have the following requirements:

  • Cross platform native client (macOS and Linux, iOS and web optional)
  • Supports images (copy paste and by upload)
  • Capture webpages or supports pasting in part of webpages, that can be updated (not just a study tool)
  • Export option that retains text formatting
  • Linking between notes.
  • Fast full-text search.
  • Some form of organisation / tagging.
  • Privacy

So far I have used and dismissed:

  • Apple Notes: export options are shit (tip: use AppleScript) no linux client
  • OneNote and Apple Notes: No cross platform native clients
  • Zim: sorry it just doesn't look nice!
  • Google Docs: I avoid the Google ecosystem for privacy reasons, plus compared to Dropbox Paper the experience is worse.
    Anything based on and markdown files: My notes require illustrations and these tools cannot add inline images / paste a - screenshot into the editor.
  • EverNote: no official linux client, £5 a month
  • Dropbox Paper: lack of import options and export is single pdfs only.
  • Workflowy: still use it as an outliner (for rationalising thoughts), it doesn't support inline images but with some help images can be attached to the description.
  • Google Keep: See Google Docs.

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