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Notetaking Tools

I'm always looking for a cross platform good value note taking solution and currently I'm using a combination of Dropbox Paper and EverNote.

I have the following requirements:

  1. Cross platform native client (macOS and Linux, web optional)
  2. Supports images (copy paste and by upload)
  3. Capture webpages or supports pasting in part of webpages, that can be updated (not just a study tool)
  4. Export option that retains text formatting
  5. Linking between notes.
  6. Fast full-text search.
  7. Some form of organisation / tagging.

So far I have used and dismissed

  • Apple Notes: export options are shit (tip: use AppleScript) no linux client
  • OneNote and Apple Notes: No cross platform native clients
  • Zim.
  • Google Docs: I avoid the Google ecosystem for privacy reasons, plus compared to Dropbox Paper the experience is worse.
  • Anything based on and markdown files: My notes require illustrations and these tools cannot add inline images / paste a screenshot into the editor.
  • EverNote: no official linux client, £5 a month (but I'm using it now)