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Senior WordPress platform developer. Open web / Music. DJ (under @CloudseerDJ). Tall Dutch guy.

When writing a script that invokes git stash, make sure the script is committed before running it, if it's in the same repository ;-)

It's wasteful to load all the site's css and javascript if the visitor only comes to visit one page.

Daily crossword puzzle but with the puzzle replaced with denying a consent dialogue.

I've just signed up for Zapier and Mailchimp to create a weekly email of an RSS feed containing any interesting articles I find. Hopefully that will both improve my Friday and stop the urge to share every interesting link.

Im trying to go paperless but logging into stuff to get my statements out Is as bad as getting paper. Any solutions?

The WordPress community is very excited about raising the minimum PHP version to one that's longer supported. ;-)

Writing a python script < reinstall pipenv < pyenv install new python < install Xcode commandline tools.

test a single checkbox < install testing framework < install api mocking framekwork < require composer < overhaul a mono repository and dev setup

If there was a plan B we would have heard about it by now. It’s no surprise that the government cannot be honest about it.