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Senior WordPress platform developer. Open web / Music. DJ (under @CloudseerDJ). Tall Dutch guy.

I miss having tildes in username URLs!<p>#status </p>

So I’m trying to make a tool that also happens to post to twitter but the way they want things to work means every user needs to apply to become a developer or I have to run a man in the middle webservice. Makes no sense.<p>#status </p>

Wagtail on , on top of Django 2.1. Static files fixed by ./ collectstatic!<p>#status </p>

Policing by numbers, a great podcast: applies to all automated reporting.<p>#status </p>

<p style="text-align: left;">There’s a great deal on for <a href="">Acorn</a> my favourite macOS image editor.</p><p>#status </p>

Close second gem of the day is PythonAnywhere this might just make it so trivial to start this music related project I’ve been thinking of.<p>#status </p>

Super find of the day: <a href=""></a>. Great tech, happily supported the iOS app.<p>#status </p>

It turns out I was trying to reinvent Trello with my todo list + notes mashup. But self hosted online, so instead signed up to Trello gold.<p>#status </p>

The <a href="">source to the website</a> is available on GitHub.<p>#status </p>

Hacking a bit on Carbon again. I like tidying up a codebase with no responsibilities. Probably a good fit for portfolios once it’s more mature! Follow on <a href="">svandragt/carbon</a><p>#status </p>