Sander's Notes



Turns out I viewed iA Writer as a creative writing tool, not a markdown note taker. My mistake, it just turns out it’s the best at both. 👌

I want to install a go app on the raspberry pi. For which I need go. Which I thought I could conveniently install with homebrew for Linux. Which requires ruby 2.6.3+, which the pi doesn’t have. So I installed rvm and have to compile ruby from source #yakshaving

So what mobile platform do privacy & independence valueing people use? Android without Google services?

Been looking at Docksal this morning. It’s web dev tooling containers configured in code. First thoughts were: why duplicate all this work. However getting a zero config project running with a cross project cli utility is really nice. No more composer npm PHP* conflicts!

Reorganise your todo list. It isn’t super productive but it gives you back control and understanding.

On how many devices can you watch Netflix? I’m at 10. 😓 Less is more, I’m failing.

These last few weeks has made me wary of committing further or ever developing for the Apple ecosystem; and working with OS projects ran by a major business.

I guess we are fixing our rueful compatibility story by encasing our tools in fixed environments. We then write new tooling or containers when this is no longer usable.

That seems like a short term view of things.

We will end up with black box containers and needless layers of complexity.