Sander's Blurbs



Beatport Pro I think is still being retired on November 16. If a usable API is available I might have to build an alternative interface. I need preview history and BPM sorting.

Turns out the ASUS router firmware update check does not update to the most recent firmware!

Turns out I viewed iA Writer as a creative writing tool, not a markdown note taker. My mistake, it just turns out it’s the best at both. 👌

I want to install a go app on the raspberry pi. For which I need go. Which I thought I could conveniently install with homebrew for Linux. Which requires ruby 2.6.3+, which the pi doesn’t have. So I installed rvm and have to compile ruby from source #yakshaving

So what mobile platform do privacy & independence valueing people use? Android without Google services?

Been looking at Docksal this morning. It’s web dev tooling containers configured in code. First thoughts were: why duplicate all this work. However getting a zero config project running with a cross project cli utility is really nice. No more composer npm PHP* conflicts!

Reorganise your todo list. It isn’t super productive but it gives you back control and understanding.

On how many devices can you watch Netflix? I’m at 10. 😓 Less is more, I’m failing.