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What would it take to make writing vanilla JavaScript more pleasant? After reviewing the code for my blogging engine Lamb I concluded:

Most of the code adding interactivity to personal websites comes down to running code after the page has loaded; niceties to query the DOM and hook into events. There's probably more but this is a start. The result is shorthand.js. Hint: it's not dissimilar to jQuery, but you can fully learn it in 5 minutes.

Which simplifies code to:

onLoaded(() => {
    const forms = $$('form.form-delete')
    forms?.forEach($form => $form.on('submit', ev => {
        let confirmed = confirm(`Really delete status ${ev.target.dataset.id}?`)
        if (!confirmed) return

This is just a prototype and will evolve.

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January 3 at 2:07 pm