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On personal goals

Today, I've realised my overarching goal as a software engineer: create digital experiences that help improve mental health for the people using them.

Unwittingly I myself have trended towards community software where capitalism, media manipulation and corporate influence is minimised (open-source, privacy first, self-hosting), and writing software with these values in mind.

In my experience, capitalism and corporate software distort the incentives of software for the financial benefit of it's backers. Media manipulation uses information overload and content agendas to influence the news cycle and change the common values we live by. This ultimately is more important to them than the wellbeing of the person experiencing the artifact, but not to me.

How have I been unwittingly trying to create positive user experiences:

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September 22 at 9:12 am

Made a Linux shell script called BreakAware that calculates the time since your last break as I couldn't find an alternative to Pandan (macOs).

BreakAware is a lightweight and user-friendly Fish shell script designed to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. It tracks the time since your last break, whether it's due to PC sleep, hibernation, logout, or session locking. BreakAware empowers you to be more aware of how you spend your time and encourages you to take regular breaks, enhancing your productivity and well-being.

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September 19 at 1:52 pm

Lamb 0.3.0

Introducing Lamb 0.3.0 - Literally Another Micro Blog. This release brings new features, improvements, and bug fixes, making blogging even easier. The update includes Docker support, an optional config.ini with support for menu items to customize your installation, improved documentation, and more.

Lamb offers a simple, self-hosted single-author blog with a Twitter-like interface, friction-free Markdown entry, discoverable Atom feed, hashtags support, and a 404 fallback URL feature.

Download the latest release from GitHub and provide your valuable feedback. #lamb #projects

July 28 at 11:43 am

Fafi 0.2.3

Fafi is a bookmark indexing and search tool.

Install the fafi command line app easily using pipx install fafi that's all that's needed, and then feed it a single URL, a text file with one URL per line, a bookmarks.html containing links (any browser's export) or --firefox and it will detect the Firefox profile and extract its bookmarks and index them.

Then search all your bookmark contents using full-text search and ranking!

New in 0.2.3

The release notes for version 0.2.3 of Fafi (Favorites Finder) include the following changes and updates:

View on GitHub

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June 17 at 7:33 pm

Lamb 0.2

I've released Lamb 0.2, my micro blogging app that's powering this site.

What's new?

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More info and download link

March 24 at 9:46 am

I've released php-activate 0.1.2, a PHP project version manager for Linux systems using native PHP packages.

Made for those working with multiple projects using a variety of PHP versions, this script will automatically switch to the correct PHP version after cding into the project folder. It does not require sudo, so even works in IDEs.

The latest version contains only documentation changes, but I've been using this successfully for a few months, so wanted to share this more widely. #projects #phpactivate

March 21 at 2:28 pm

404 Fallback comes to Lamb

I've added a 404 fallback feature to Lamb. What this means is that if you request a URL that doesn't exist on your Lamb instance, it will redirect to the same relative path on the domain you have provided in the configuration, if you enabled this feature.

This means you can move your site from example.com to say 2023.example.com and then set that as the 404 fallback url and you will not lose any SEO traffic! Here's an example! #lamb #projects

March 16 at 4:49 pm

Alright got the webserver configuration figured out and the full site is up. Didn't forget about Caddy. #lamb #projects

March 15 at 12:42 pm