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Save changes before quitting

Niko Kitsakis on creating well design dialogs:

The text change reflects the fact that you could now have multiple applications open at once. Otherwise it’s not important to our example so let’s focus on the other elements. Two trends are going to become apparent, speed and safety:

The icon with its exclamation mark gives you an immediate idea of the character of the message. “Be cautious” it says, “pay attention.”

Then we have the buttons which no longer say things like “Yes” or “No” but have been changed to verbs which say “Save” and “Don’t Save”. If you glance at those verbs you don’t have to read and understand the text to know what’s going on.

Now look at the new layout of the buttons: Of those three, the first button – Don’t Save – will make you lose data while the other two – Save and Cancel – will save data. In this new layout, the button that will make you lose data stands separated on the left from the two buttons that won’t. This reduces the chance you will accidentally press the wrong option.

Lastly, the most commonly used option – Save – is highlighted and can be activated by pressing the return key on the keyboard.

May will stick to Brexit 'principles' in cross-party talks, says No 10. aka Let's have a talk to come to an agreement, but I'm not going to change my mind.

Security Checklist

I consider myself pretty clued up but there are some interesting improvements after reading this article:

  1. It contains a list of VPN providers I'll consider when my current subscription expires.
  2. Removed the location permission for the Camera app. I had previously installed an app to remove EXIF data.

Spotify how to hide the "Find friends" bar

1 min read

On Linux operating systems, Spotify does not always show the file and view menus. This makes it harder to hide the "Find Friends" bar as there is no close button on the sidebar itself.

However there's another way: Click on the chevron in the top right corner next to your spotify username, then on Settings > Display Options > untick Show Friend Activity. is now hosted on Known (

PagerDuty Incident Response Documentation

PagerDuty open-sources its incident response best practices, this is an interesting reference for anyone doing work with an on-call element

Does social media contribute to a more isolated society? :
>“Calling someone is a bit daunting,” said one 18-year-old respondent in a survey on phone habits conducted by Ofcom. “It’s much easier and quicker to WhatsApp my friends. If I have to call a company, I’ll always try to use webchat if it’s available.”

Take note PES, via The Guardian:
>some players not only get their wages covered in full by the club they are joining but also receive a substantial sum on top.