Protip: It turns out logrotate configuration files that are just using the rotate option do not delete older log files, only the logfile that is rotated out. This distinction matters when the rotate option is reduced and older log files are left around. #

Installed Mojave: kept light side, decluttered recent items from the dock. Unsure on stacks. Everything is faster, delay in spotlight is gone. No finder actions in list + icon view is a bummer for automation. Still, an improvement to High Sierra. Some memory pressure on 8GB. #

It turns out turning off all the retweets on Twitter improves my timeline massively: no longer does it get polluted by less relevant discussion and the tone is more balanced as well. I’ve also taken to replying instead of liking which is more meaningful. #


Taking back control

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the nature of realtime social media to cause drama and upset. In the search for ever increasing thirst for gossip, instant reactions are stimulated so heavily that  there is no time to research or read about the context of a story, and open discussion isn’t possible when »

The quest for the perfect notetaking tool

Looking for the perfect notetaker is more fun than taking notes.

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