Just Walk Out technology

Amazon Go, shopping without checkouts: Amazon Go is a new kind of store with no checkout required. We created the world’s most advanced shopping technology so you never have to wait in line. With our Just Walk Out Shopping experience, simply use the Amazon Go app to enter the store, take the products you want, […]

How Apple Scaled Back Its Titanic Plan to Take on Detroit

I think we have stumbled upon the reason why there are no new Macs. Apple was wasting resources on the car.

Dropbox Modifies TCC.db to Give Itself Accessibility Access

Dropbox was using a sql attack on the tcc database to circumvent Apple’s authorization policy Another issue like this and a lot of people will switch to iCloud Drive.


Building on temporary foundations

Just came across an interesting perspective on frameworks by Timothy Perrett: It is imperative to understand that the need for composability in our software tools is an absolute requirement. If we as an industry have any hope of not repeating ourselves time and time again, we have to change our ways. I definately agree that […]


Updating Homebrew for macOS Sierra

Get Homebrew up and running again after upgrading to Apple’s latest desktop OS.

Traktor streaming to SHOUTcast servers using LiquidSoap

I’ve been using Traktor for years now as my deejaying solution and broadcasting tool. The one missing feature on the broadcasting side is that it can only stream directly to Icecast servers, lacking the ability to stream to SHOUTcast based servers. Most servers use the SHOUTcast streaming protocol which grew popular through the MP3 movement […]


Your job affects your mind. Disadvantage of being a developer: we must be so focused on the task at hand that we evict everything else from our memory.

I don’t know what this implies. #ui

Don’t think you want to make it this simple to pipe potentially unsafe input to the shell #PHP


How to signup for Flickr without disclosing your mobile number

I was looking to setup a Flickr account and noticed that it requires you to enter a mobile phone number to sign up. I prefer not to disclose this information to third parties so I looked for a solution. Unfortunatley, a lot of information is out of date as Yahoo! (which owns Flickr, and which is […]

Ad tech is killing the online experience

Apple blogger John Gruber started off a new debate about these issues recently, when he noted that a 537-word text post on the website weighed in at 14 megabytes. (Fourteen megabytes of text should correspond to about 7m words, or about 10 times the combined length of the Old and New Testaments.) Gruber blamed […]


4th (24 Aug 16) – Deep Tech House Rollers

4 T H . S O C I A L . P R E S E N T S DEEP TECH HOUSE ROLLERS // WITH DJ CLOUDSEER // 2-4pm Follow: Limo:… U N D E R G R O U N D . L I V E S . H E R E […]


Painless Lektor Setup in Less Than 5 minutes

Two technologies that I have can really recommend you try out – Lektor and Cloud9 – can be used together to start a static site or blog in a matter of minutes. If you want to try out the power of Lektor without leaving a trace on your machine then follow this quick setup. – work logging

I wrote this little script and thought it might be useful for others. allows you to keep track of what you are working on by writing a timestamped message to a CSV file. It turns out it helps me stay in tack during a long day of work.


Nvidia unveils GTX 1060: Faster than a GTX 980 for £220

1080p gamers, would-be VR explorers, and e-sports players who crave hundreds of frames per second look no further: the GTX 1060 is the graphics card to buy. Looks like the card to get if you’re not in the market for an ATI card.

Alternative Football Manager

Jack Arnott writes for Eurogamer in the Football Manager 2016 review: Anything beyond that, though, and, once again, I’m stumped. It won’t tell you whether you’ve lost because you were closing down too much, or too little. Or because your defensive line was too high, or too low. Would Prozone analysis have helped me tame […]


Removing index.php from SilverStripe sites

If your website has mod_rewrite enabled but the URL’s generated by SilverStripe still contain ‘index.php’ then SilverStripe is unable to detect mod_rewrite. Adding the following line to /mysite/_config.php will address the issue (Thanks DsX): Director::setBaseURL(‘/’); // fixed index.php in the URL’s

Enum label lookup

In your datamodel you might have a Enum field such as this date-based dropdown: public static $db = array( “Year” => “Enum(‘2013, 2014, 2015’)” } Internally, SilverStripe stores the index, so that when you retrieve the value in methods such as onBeforeWrite, instead of 2013 you will receive 1. Use the function below to retrieve […]

LessThanOrEqual in SilverStripe 3.0

When adding a filter on a DataList sometimes you need to do a <= rather than a <. Unfortunately the LessThanOrEqual and GreatherThanOrEqual search filters do not exist in SilverStripe 3.0.x, they were added in 3.1. Therefore we have to write our own where clause like the following example: // Return all the sessions on […]


Gist: Pomodoro MediaPlayer

I was suffering from lack of concentration later in the workday, until I stumbled upon the Pomodoro focusing technique. I’ve been a lot more productive and in a better mood since I started using this two weeks ago: The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The […]


Windows 10 Privacy Guide

Steve Gibson pointed me to a guide to setting your desired privacy level in Windows 10. This version of Microsoft’s operating system follows the ‘always socially connected’ footsteps of smartphones and therefore makes privacy assumptions. Using this guide you can check if they match your expectations.


Automatic crash reporting using FogBugz for PowerShell

This morning I integrated our PowerShell processes into FogBugz by writing a small module that submits occurrences of all errors to BugzScout. You might want to do something similar so I did this write-up. Broadly it works similar to BugzScoutLogWriter that I developed previously for integration with SilverStripe CMS. In this case however, we need […]