A locally running browser integrated notetaking app with cloud storage syncing, instant search and markdown / file upload support you say? #

Shoutout to Apple Maps. It’s got a lot smarter about rerouting during the last few months! #

Things I learn: APFS encryption is not FileVault. The former asks for a password at a time when the iMac doesn’t recognise the Bluetooth keyboard! #


Taking back control

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the nature of realtime social media to cause drama and upset. In the search for ever increasing thirst for gossip, instant reactions are stimulated so heavily that  there is no time to research or read about the context of a story, and open discussion isn’t possible when »

The quest for the perfect notetaking tool

Looking for the perfect notetaker is more fun than taking notes.

A People Centred Web

A social reader for the new generation.